2021 Speakers include

Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. h.c. Franz Josef Radermacher 

Director (CEO) of FAW/n (Research Institute for Applied Knowledge Pro-cessing/n), Ulm (Germany) 

 has held a faculty position (chair) for “Data Bases / Artificial Intelligence” at the University of Ulm and is the Director (CEO) of FAW/n (Research Institute for Applied Knowledge Pro-cessing/n), Ulm (Germany). 

Member of the Club of Rome and of several national and international advisory boards. Vice President as well as Honorary President of the Senat der Wirtschaft e.V. (Senate of Econo-my), Bonn, and Vice President of the Ecosocial Forum Europe, Vienna. 

1997 Scientific Award of the German Society for Mathematics, Economics and Operations Research. 2005 Laureate of the Salzburg Award for Future Research, Salzburg, Austria. 2007 Laureate of „Vision Award 2007“ of Global Economic Network (for Global Marshall Plan Initiative). 2007 Laureate of Karl-Werner-Kieffer Award (Stiftung Ökologie und Landbau, SÖL). Member of the Rotarian Action Group for Reproductive, Maternal and Child Health (RMCH) - German Section - e.V. Member of the German National Committee of the UNESCO for the World Decade „Education for Sustainable Development“ (2005 – 2014). 2012 Laureate of the Umweltpreis „Goldener Baum“ der Stiftung für Ökologie und Demo-kratie e.V. 2013 Fellow to the World Academy of Art & Science (WAAS). 2013 Award of the degree of Doctor of Science (Honoris causa) of the International Hellenic University, Thessa-loniki. Since January 2020 member of the Advisory Board SRH Campus Design Heidelberg. Since 2020 Member of the Advisory Board of the Franco-German Zukunftswerk. Since Au-gust 2020 Deputy Chairman of Global Energy Solutions e.V. 

Ruping Gao

Chairwoman, Taiwan Renewable Energy Alliance

1.Chairwoman of the Taiwan Renewable Energy Alliance (TRENA)—established in 2015 after construction on the nation’s fourth nuclear power plant was halted the previous year—comprising like-minded members from the academic, business and civil sectors.

2. participated in the promotion of community colleges in Taiwan and civil supervision of the Congress and anti-nuclear social movements.

3.The main task is to urge the government to accelerate the process of the country’s energy transition, and to enhance Taiwan’s social consensus on green energy by combining green energy with public welfare and citizen power plants.

4.Often by cooperating with legislators to hold public hearings in Congress to jointly solve the difficulties encountered in the development of Taiwan’s renewable energy,  look forward to combining the public sector and the private sector to build a friendly path for Taiwan’s development of renewable energy, and also hope to establish a public and private sector. Cooperation towards a platform for national energy transition.

Dr. Eugene Chien

President and Board Chairman at Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy and 

Former Minister of Foreign Affairs,Taiwan

Dr. Eugene Chien serves as the Chairman of the Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy (TAISE), Chairman of CTCI Education Foundation, and Chairman of the Telecommunication and Transport Foundation (TTF). Dr. Chien established numerous sustainability initiatives, Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Award (TCSA) was held since 2008 and Center for Corporate Sustainability (CCS) was formed under TAISE in 2015. The Alliance for Sustainable Development Goals (A‧SDGs) and Global Corporate Sustainability Award were started in 2018 focus on promoting SDGs. The first Global Corporate Sustainability Forum (GCSF) started the same year, the 2-day forum held annually reached thousands of people each year. During the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020, GCSF was conducted both physical and online attended by over 3,100 and 4,200 people, respectively.

Dr. Chien served numerous senior governor positions in government including being the Minister of the Environmental Protection Administration, Minister of Transportation and Communications, Taipei Representative in the UK, and Foreign Minister of Taiwan.

Prof. Dr. Klaus Pfeilsticker

University Professor (apl), Institute of Environmental Physics, University of Heidelberg

Klaus Pfeilsticker is a physics professor at the Institute of Environmental Physics at the University of Heidelberg, Heidelberg, Germany. His research interests focus on physics of the environment, including atmospheric photochemistry, radiative transfer in the Earth's atmosphere, random walks on fractals, isotopes in the atmospheric environment, and UV/vis spectrometry. He has been actively developing the high resolving oxygen A-band spectrometry, a novel technique that provides new insights into atmospheric radiative transfer. A second, more recent research objective that builds on our skills in atmospheric radiative transfer modelling and inversion techniques addresses the deposition of solar radiation at the ground and its relation to the generation of electricity using solar photovoltaic (PV) installations. On a semi-professional basis he is engaged in local sustainable energies concepts and applications of the three E’s, renewable energies, energy saving, and efficiency.

In total, he was involved in 38 nationally, or internationally funded research projects. He first-authored, or contributed to more than 131 publications in peer reviewed international journals and 3 book chapters. He also contributed as author/contributor to the UNEP/WMO assessment reports on stratospheric ozone published in 2002, 2006, 2010, 2014 and 2018.

Dr Simone Peter

President, German Renewable Energy Federation (BEE)

Dr Simone Peter has been President of the German Renewable Energy Federation (BEE) since March 2018. As the umbrella organisation of the renewable energy sector in Germany, the BEE bundles the interests of 50 associations and companies. A biologist with a doctorate, she was Federal Chairwoman of the Green Party from 2013 to 2018 and Minister for the Environment, Energy and Transport of Saarland from 2009 to 2012. From 2012 to 2013, she was a member of the Saarland parliament as Deputy Chair and Parliamentary Secretary of the Green Party parliamentary group. Since 2020, she has been Vice-President of the Austrian Energy Agency and a member of the supervisory board of Naturstrom AG.

Gennie Yen

Founder and CEO

CEO of Veda Group (Veda International and Veda KM), professional marketing and communication consulting corporations in Taiwan servicing many Fortune 100 companies, Gennie founded the CSRone Reporting Platform in 2013. CSRone Reporting provides updated information and knowledge, mostly free of charge, as well as specific analysis reports and sustainability reporting tools for businesses to interact with their stakeholders. The platform has now become the most comprehensive Chinese website in the world and positioned as a CSR communication leader in Asia. As Gennie is deeply involved Taiwan and Asia’s CSR/sustainability field, she is also the convener of the Center for Corporate Sustainability and co-Chair of the CSR Committee at the European Chamber of Commerce Taiwan. Gennie is one of Asia’s Top Sustainability Superwomen 2019 honorees.

Dr. Bahareh Kamranzad

Assistant Professor, Kyoto University

Dr. Bahareh Kamranzad is an Assistant Professor at the Hakubi Center for Advanced Research, and Graduate School of Advanced Integrated Studies in Human Survivability (GSAIS/Shishukan), Kyoto University. She is specialized in Civil and Hydraulic/Coastal Engineering, and her research activities mainly focus on ocean renewable energies, climate change impacts, wave climate and modeling, coastal protection, and extreme events. She has received several national and international awards, and has achieved highly competitive positions. Until now, she has contributed to 11 research projects with 7 projects as PI (Principal Investigator) and published 70 peer-reviewed journal papers and conference proceedings in her area of expertise. She is a topic editor of “Frontiers in Marine Science” and guest editor of “Journal of Marine Science and Engineering” and “Climate” and is a co-founder of the International Integrated Wave Energy Research Group (IIWER.org). She regularly acts as a reviewer of high-tier international journals and has been invited speaker in several universities and research institutes.

Ms. Jyun-Ting Chen

Senior Specialist, CSRone

Jyun-Ting Chen is a CSR senior specialist at CSRone in Taipei, Taiwan. With finance degree background, she found interest in sustainable business model which can make a profit and bring positive impact on the world simultaneously. When choosing the first job, she decided to follow her passion in sustainability field and joined CSRone to enrich experience in diverse aspects of CSR and consulting services. With solid and diverse training such as sustainable guideline and CSR strategy planning, she has joined over ten consulting projects. Besides, she was the editor-in-chief of "Trends of Sustainability Report in Taiwan and APAC 2021", published annually by CSRone.

During college years, Jyun-Ting Chen seized the chance to join company’s CSR programs through internship in B Lab Taiwan and Microsoft Taiwan respectively, which broaden her horizon in different aspect of successful business model and corporate sustainability. She enjoyed the process of helping companies to develop CSR strategy and then put into practice. She looks forward to more cooperation of companies to create shared value for the society.

Edison Feng

CEO, SunnyFounders

Edison Feng is graduated from National Taiwan University with a Master degree in Mechanical Engineering. The field of his study focuses on the research of solar photovoltaic materials, and he possess 10 years of professional practice and experience in project management and market development. He has been nominated as a speaker at TEDx and was awarded as 2018 Taiwan Top 100MVP Managers by Manager Today Magazine.

Jack Huang

Co-founder for Eliconn (SHOULD)

Jack Huang / He has 6 years experience in the United Nations, including WTO, Trade and Investment Office in Asia and the Pacific, Information Technology Office, and Peacekeeping missions. Also, he had been appointed by UNDP as one of the Youth SDG Advocates in southeast Asia, worked closely with different stakeholders in various fields, such as youth empowerment, climate action, and informal economy. In the mid of 2020, he decided to join a Taipei-based startup - Eliconn, which is focusing on integrating green energy solutions for business sectors. By 2021, the company has already deployed its innovative solutions in more than 15 projects, including an ad-hoc project in Syria - a net-zero carbon emission refugee camp.

Eugene Chang

Siemens Gamesa and Momentum Novum

Eugene has a business background and specialized in project management. He obtained his master degree in International Business and Sustainability. He has vast experiences in automobile, renewable and sustainability sectors. For his past experience, he has worked in Volkswagen and Daimler in Germany and Taiwan on Sales and Innovation team. Currently, he is currently working in Momentum Novum as a business developer in East Asia sector. Furthermore, Eugene has collected extensive experiences within wind industry focusing on offshore wind.  During his past working career, he has managed in several R&D projects between Siemens Gamesa, Universities and Research centers from all over the world. Afterwards, he started to work in Taiwan for several commercial offshore wind farms and conducting researches on codes and standards for markets all over the world. Now, he is working in strategy team on competitor analysis and supporting Siemens Gamesa to move faster toward all potential market within offshore wind industry.

Chien-Huan Li I 李建歡

Associate Consultant, Renewables Consulting Group

Chien-Huan Li is based in RCG’s office in Taipei, supporting both market intelligence and management consulting. With a background in economic regulations, energy and climate policies, he has rich experience in collaborating with government agencies, NGOs and multiple stakeholders domestically and regionally. His responsibilities include provision of policy and legal analysis and market strategies.

Before his service in RCG, he also served in the Ministry of Economic Affairs in Taiwan (MoEA), economic think tanks, and global environmental NGOs in the past years.

Max Isensee

Co-founder & Co-CEO, Kitekraft

Max is a co-founder and co-CEO of the German renewable energy start-up Kitekraft. The spin-off of the Technical University of Munich develops novel, flying wind turbines that can generate power with 10x less materials used while being half the cost of conventional wind turbines. The smaller size and easier logistics allow for a much wider implementation of wind power, starting at small scale for microgrids all the way up to utility scale deployments.

Prior to starting Kitekraft Max co-founded the German climate NGO Protect Our Winters Germany and led the Center for Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurship at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. By education he is a mechanical engineer with focus on renewable energy systems.

Po Wen Cheng

Stuttgart Wind Energy

Po Wen Cheng was born in Changhua, where many of the offshore wind turbines will be installed in the next few years in Taiwan. He studied aerospace and aeronautic engineering at TU Berlin, Germany, where he encountered wind energy for the first time. He continued his education at TU Delft in the Netherlands and completed a PhD on offshore wind energy, focusing on stochastic modeling of the extreme response. He joined GE Wind after graduating from TU Delft and worked on offshore wind and new technology developments for 9 years. In 2011 he had been appointed to the wind energy chair (SWE) at the institute of aircraft design, University of Stuttgart. The research focus at the SWE are wind measurement and modeling using Lidars, simulation and control of floating wind turbines and wind farms.